Mistawasis Nêhiyawak, a Cree First Nation band government in Leask, Saskatchewan, has announced the launch of a new app designed to streamline updates and better the communication between the Nation and its members across the country. 

The Mistawasis Nêhiyawak App is available, free for download, on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

“Some of our members are across the country, this app will allow us to stay in touch with them and keep them engaged,” said Chief Darryl Watson. “It will enable us to communicate more effectively and connect with members in a way that’s convenient and accessible.”

The official Mistawasis Nêhiyawak app runs on Communikit, a mobile app platform designed specifically for Indigenous communities and organizations to communicate with their members, staff, and the public, nationally and globally.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Communikit platform has also helped the leadership of Lucky Man Cree Nation and The Blackfoot Nation of Kainai (also known as the Blood Tribe) launch mobile applications.


Communikit’s mobile platform currently serves over 20,000 users spanning more than 80 Nations and Indigenous organizations in Canada. 

This app is the latest development from Mistawasis, who first saw success using an app to revitalize language in school. In 2018, Mistawasis language teacher Denise Desjardins incorporated language learning tools into the learning apps used at Chief Mistawasis School.

Those efforts were formally recognized, with Desjardins winning a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), today’s announcement revealed. 

“In the past, we have had success using apps with our youth. We hope this gets them excited to engage at our events and teaching within the Nation,” said Chief Watson. “The app will help us build relationships, and celebrate our culture and traditions.”

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