E-learning platform and software company Redwood Performance Group has released a new interactive workplace simulation called GradForce Skills. It aims to help new hires with soft skill learning, such as writing emails, dealing with workplace conflict, critical thinking skills, and more.

GradForce Skills was based on a successful collaboration between Redwood and Toronto Finance International to build a soft skills educational program to assist new hires in the financial sector. The program received feedback from more than 3000 learners and employers, with such a positive response that Redwood turned it into what it called “a dynamic three-tier interactive, online workplace simulation.”

Redwood’s managing partner, Lydia Sani, said: “We wanted to reimagine how new hires can develop the soft skills most valued by today’s employers. Employers want work-ready employees with these competencies: communications, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, resiliency, and even data acumen.”

Individuals start the simulation in an entry-level role. As they continue through the program, they receive team member and managerial promotions. Each role is designed to teach individuals specific sets of soft skills, depending on their position. For example, entry-level soft skills focus on communication, while team member soft skills work on problem solving or critical thinking.

Redwood says their new program not only helps students and working professionals, but can also assist an educational institution with its career curriculum, and help employers with their onboarding process.

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