Predictions 2024: Artificial intelligence

The hottest topic of 2023, artificial intelligence (AI), has not only generated lots of interest this year, it has pundits of all descriptions coming out of the woodwork with predictions of what will happen in 2024. Their opinions may differ, but they’re in agreement about one thing: the excitement isn’t going to abate any time […]

Predictions 2024 from cybersecurity vendors, Part 1

2024 will be a year dominated by artificial intelligence-created deepfakes and advanced phishing attacks, but also new AI-based detection applications to help defenders. These are among the predictions from companies that provide cybersecurity solutions. We’ve collected comments from over 30 vendors to give infosec pros an idea of what they will face in the next […]

Predictions 2024: Infrastructure, software development, enterprise software

As 2023 comes to an end, it’s only natural to think about the year ahead. Forrester has just unveiled its 2024 predictions for enterprise software, software development and technology infrastructure; here is a breakdown of what the company believes will transpire: Enterprise Software  Forrester defines enterprise software as “the set of packaged applications that are […]

Predictions on 2024 developments in OpenAI: Best of YouTube

I watch far too much YouTube for my own good. You have to sift through numerous ill-informed and overly sensationalistic titles and articles to find a few individuals who conduct actual research and provide somewhat informative content. As I discover these and when they have something interesting to say, I thought I’d present them to […]

After 10 years leading Tulip, Ali Asaria steps down as CEO

Ali Asaria, who has been at the helm of Kitchener-Waterloo-based retail startup Tulip since its founding 10 years ago, is stepping down as CEO.  Asaria announced he will be leaving the role in a LinkedIn post published Friday. In it, he noted that Ian Rawlins, COO and president of Tulip, will assume the CEO role. […]

AlphV/BlackCat allegedly calls for ransomware gang ‘cartel’ to stand up to police

Seemingly stunned by this week’s action by law enforcement agencies in several countries,  members of two ransomware groups allegedly talked about forming a partnership. Security researchers on Twitter/X posted an online conversation that appears to be between a member of the AlphV/BlackCat ransomware group, whose sites were taken down, and a member of the LockBit […]

How to move the “big rock” of inclusion in tech

Canadian tech is facing a deep tech talent shortage and government leaders tend to want to fill this gap with foreign talent. But plans to draw from the international worker pool ignore the talent in our own backyard, including underrepresented communities across Canada. Another hurdle also persists: many tech companies are unaware of what inclusion […]

Cyber Security Today, Year in Review for 2023

Welcome to Cyber Security Today. This is a special Year in Review edition for 2023. I’m Howard Solomon, contributing reporter on cybersecurity for and in the U.S.   With me here  regular commentators Terry Cutler, head of Cyology Labs in Montreal, and David Shipley, head of Beauceron Security in Fredericton, New Brunswick. (The […]