Toronto-based non-profit Vector Institute has welcomed three new partners to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem to further research and innovation and bolster the economy.

The three new partners are Avidbots, co:here and Shakudo. Vector will work to help the companies accelerate and optimize the application of advanced AI in their organizations, then commercialize their products.

Avidbots designs, manufactures, and commercializes fully autonomous cleaning solutions, namely, Neo 2, a multi-purpose floor cleaning robot used in commercial spaces, such as malls and airports. Co:here is a startup that seeks to make neurolinguistic programming accessible to businesses and developers, while the third new partner, Shakudo, accelerates and powers AI companies by combining different tools and frameworks on the market into a single data platform.

Vector seeks to guide its partners on AI-related challenges and opportunities by providing them with industry-focused AI training, an advanced computing environment, as well as a talented and diverse team of researchers, to help them maximize their business outcomes and improve model performance.

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