Bell has announced that it’s set to deliver 8 gigabits per second (Gpbs) internet service to select areas in Toronto, Ontario, starting in September.

Bell’s new service rollout coincides with a similar offering from Rogers. In April 2022, Rogers promised that it would deploy its own 8 Gbps fibre internet service across Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. The plan would be rolled out under Rogers’ Ignite internet brand.

As both Bell and Rogers are racing towards 10 Gbps, Telus remains quiet. The company has not made any announcement about deploying a service to match the offerings of its two competitors.

With this new speed upgrade, Bell is vying for the title of Canada’s fastest internet provider. Users subscribed to the network can expect speeds of up to 1 gigabyte (8 gigabits) per second in both upload and download. At such speeds, it can transfer an HD movie in under 10 seconds. And while it’s likely overkill for single users, it can certainly help to alleviate data congestion in multi-tenant households, or for professionals like content creators who move massive amounts of data to and from the cloud.

Additionally, Bell will also ship a new Giga Hub router-modem with Wi-Fi 6E support to subscribers to its unlimited pure fiber packages.

Bell and Rogers have not yet specified pricing for these breakneck speeds, but expect it to cost a pretty penny. The service cannot currently be ordered from either company’s website when availability was checked against several addresses in Toronto.

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