A report published last week by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a non-profit association linked to the industry and the information technology (IT) workforce, reveals that the growth of technology-related employment in Canada is expected to continue in 2022, following a year in which employers in the technology sector hired more than 100,000 workers.

Titled State of the Tech Workforce Canada, the report reveals that the net tech employment in Canada had reached some 1,235,692 workers by the end of 2021, an increase of almost 9 per cent compared to the previous year. In addition, it predicts growth of 1.5 per cent this year, which represents more than 19,000 net new jobs.

“The impressive rebound in employment is a clear sign of how essential technology is to every business and industry,” said Gordon Pelosse, senior vice president for employer engagement at CompTIA. “Companies were quick to restaff and expand their technology teams as business conditions improved, adding talent in critical areas such as cybersecurity, data, technology services and tech support.”

Although tech jobs are available across the country, Canada’s tech community is concentrated in metropolitan areas, including Toronto which, at 10 per cent, has the highest concentration of tech jobs in the country. It is followed by Montreal (8.3 per cent), Vancouver (7.8 per cent) and Calgary (6.4 per cent), which all have higher concentrations of technology workers than the 6.3 per cent national benchmark.

Three metropolitan areas dominate the tech sector hiring forecast for 2022, according to the report. Its forecast for the current year calls for the creation of 5,756 net new jobs in Toronto, 3,621 in Vancouver and 2,705 in Montreal. The anticipated tech job growth in Edmonton and Calgary is slightly smaller.

Tech job postings by employers also rebounded in 2021 as several companies resumed their hiring activities driven by the recovery of the Canadian economy. In 2021, the number of tech job openings increased by 54,552 over 2020, a 59% increase. In comparison, job offers for all occupations increased by 50 per cent.

“Employment options in technology are plentiful at all career levels, from advanced positions for individuals with experience under their belts, to entry-level openings that offer good salaries and opportunities for advancement,” Pelosse said.

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