Physical car knobs beat digital ones, Airbnb launches an anti-partying tool in North America, and AirTag data helps solve another theft case.

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It turns out that some things are better kept old-fashioned. A test done by a Swedish car magazine found that drivers completed dashboard car controls far faster and easier than on a touchscreen. The discrepancy was massive. In a 2005 Volvo V70 with physical controls, the driver was able to complete the assigned sequence of tasks in just 10 seconds, far quicker than they could on the touchscreens of a MG Marvel R, which took 44.6 seconds. While touchscreens are gorgeous to look at and offer many advanced features, they tend to divert attention away from the drivers and are harder to use without looking.

Lodging platform Airbnb has launched a new tool in North America to stop people from hosting parties. The system filters guests based on their distance from the listing, whether they’re booking on a weekend, and the length of the trip. A similar system has already been trialed by the company in Australia since October 2021. And it seems to be working too. According to the company, unauthorized parties declined by 45 per cent in areas where the system has been deployed. The company recommends that the guest books a private room or a hotel room if their bookings are rejected.

Apple’s AirTags are once again the hero in solving theft. A Florida airline worker was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of luggage, thanks in part to data from AirTag. The damning evidence was collected when a traveller discovered that her expensive luggage did not arrive at the destination. Her AirTag activated in a transitory airport in Florida, which prompted local authorities to launch an investigation, ultimately leading to the arrest of the airline worker. The airline worker admitted to removing the tracker, but not before it activated and reported its location.

The new Dodge Charge and Challengers are going electric. The new electric-only models will begin shipping in 2024. Before their gas-powered variants are fully decommissioned, Dodge will issue a “last call” to purchase them in 2023. This new development caught some by surprise. Many predicted that the company’s first electric vehicle would be a RAM truck and not a muscle car. The electric RAM truck is still coming though; the company is expected to announce more news on its development later this year.

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