Oracle faces a lawsuit over alleged sales of personal data, Lamborghini pre-sells its entire production run until 2024, and Twitch to let partners stream on YouTube and Facebook.

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Oracle is the subject of a class-action suit alleging that the company stored and sold the personal information of millions of people to third parties. The case is being brought to attention by Johnny Ryan, who is part of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL). The suit, which was filed last week, alleges that the software giant’s “worldwide surveillance machine” has amassed detailed dossiers on millions of people, accusing the company and its advertising business of violating the people’s privacy. The ICCL claims that Oracle’s dossiers about people include information such as home addresses, online activities, online purchases and income. The allegations may be based on an Oracle presentation from 2016, where the Oracle CTO and founder described how data was collected so businesses could predict purchasing patterns among consumers.

Source: The Register

Lamborghini has pre-sold its entire production run to early 2024, the company revealed on Tuesday. According to the CEO, the car company is enjoying “high demand” and has an order book which spans the next 18 months. An article by TechXplore noted that the long order times are a result of a shortage of components, fuelled by ongoing supply chain shortages. Specifically, the shortage in chips needed for new electric models is one of the factors for the wait times. Lamborghini is planning a hybrid version of each of its models by 2024 and the first fully electric Lamborghini in the second half of the decade.

Source: TechXplorer

Twitch told its partnered streamers via email this week that the platform was lifting its long-standing exclusivity agreement that prohibits streaming on other services. Starting now, partners will now be able to stream on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live. The company noted that streamers use multiple platforms to connect with their communities and said this new move would allow for more opportunities to grow audiences off-platform. Creators will now be able to livestream on other platforms as long as they’re not also live on Twitch. However, there still are some rules with this new update. Streamers aren’t allowed to broadcast their Twitch streams over to YouTube or Facebook for “extended periods of time.” Twitch says that simulcasting to mobile services such as TikTok and Instagram Live will be permitted.

Source: The Verge

NASA’s recently shared an audio clip of sounds that came from waves of pressure rippling from a black hole through galaxy clusters. “The misconception that there is no sound in space originates because most space is a vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that they’ve picked up actual sound,” NASA tweeted. The true sounds are actually out of the human hearing range at 57 octaves below middle C. For humans to hear anything, NASA had to scale up the sounds from their true pitch, raising them 144 quadrillion and 288 quadrillion times their original frequencies. Wondering what that sounds like? Have a listen.

Source: NASA

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