BRP, Quebec’s flagship of the recreational vehicle industry, published an update yesterday evening about the cyberattack it suffered on August 9th.

The company has discovered, as part of its ongoing investigation into the cyberattack, that other information about its employees has been compromised, specifically certain login credentials of employees using BRP computers for personal purposes, a- she clarified.

As a precautionary measure, and to better protect its employees’ information, BRP has asked them to change their personal passwords. In addition, as a preventive measure, it will offer credit monitoring services to all its employees.

BRP further stated that the investigation is ongoing and that the situation continues to evolve. At this time, the company has no evidence that its customers’ personal information was compromised.

Finally, it said that its absolute priority is to mitigate the consequences of the cyberattack and that it continues to put in place all the necessary measures to protect the integrity of its systems and data, and the information of its employees and its stakeholders.

In addition, Montreal newspaper La Presse reported yesterday that the network of BRP dealers, independent companies that sell its products, is hard hit by the cyberattack. The computer portal that retailers use to place and track their orders for equipment and spare parts has been non-functional, or only offers limited functionality, since the attack.

La Presse also reported that the situation is a major source of frustration and concern, both for dealers and for their customers who have to deal with significant delays in the delivery of new vehicles and parts.

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