Organizations that go Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) have effectively moved on from the standard security approach of placing IT systems behind a (supposedly) impenetrable network perimeter. ZTNA is gaining popularity rapidly. Gartner recently published eight cyber predictions for the next few years, and recently predicted that ZTNA’s star would continue to rise in the post-global crisis Hybrid Office Era.

There may still be some who consider “Zero Trust” a buzzword, but that number is dwindling. Most by now have seen the new world of work now upon us for what it is – a jungle of devices and user types and work situations splashed across the planet. Given the challenges facing companies now as they work to keep their prow pointed in the right direction, ZTNA – a security model that assumes no one and nothing is trustworthy – appears the smart way forward for companies looking to keep their systems secure.

“It’s an unforgiving world today,” said ITWC CIO Jim Love. “To an extent it always was, but it’s so much more dangerous now – no longer enough to run with a firewall and some passwords. This is why CIOs and other decision-makers are adopting Zero Trust. To anyone who says it’s an extreme way to go, remember that today’s hackers take no prisoners. They’re brilliant at what they do and they don’t take days off. Given this, is there any choice but to go with an approach that assumes nothing and trusts no one?”

Welcome to the “next normal” – the era of remote workers, hybrid offices, and devices everywhere. How’s it all shaping up for your organization? Do you have your cyber house in order? Are you 100 per cent certain that your systems are secure?

On the afternoon of [Date] you might want to devote an hour to participating in Zero Means Zero: Adopting ZTNA for the Hybrid Office Era/strong>. In this briefing, cybersecurity author Brennen Schmidt will be joined by Fortinet infosec expert Rafi Wanounou to discuss Zero Trust in depth. Following this discussion, you will have an opportunity to ask Brennen or Rafi any questions you may have about ZTNA or security in general.


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