Site reliability engineering platform, Blameless has announced new integrations with ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) to streamline the incident management process for enterprise customers. This announcement broadens the company’s footprint in the enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) market and augments its existing investments in DevOps and information technology (IT) workflow tooling.

The integrations provide a centralized incident management solution that combines responders and subsequent ticketing workflow on the same platform, reducing workload on engineering teams and preventing negative customer service experiences from slow, disorganized incident response. 

When users of the MS Teams chatbot start the incident response process, Blameless automatically creates a dedicated Teams channel that includes a live “incident summary” tab, keeping all stakeholders updated and gathering data for retrospective reports.

Similarly, for ServiceNow users, a record is simultaneously created in both systems, updating both ServiceNow and Blameless in real-time. 

Users of MS Teams and ServiceNow can also benefit from a SLO (service level objectives) manager that manages critical parts of the service based on what customers want, while tracking performance and health, with error budgets. Additionally, the integrations track reliability insights including MTTx measures, causal analyses, and customer impact.

 “With these seamless integrations, Blameless brings clearer direction, calm, and improved visibility to engineering organizations using ServiceNow, helping them run smoother and richer incidents and retrospectives,” stated Nicolas Philip, director of product of Blameless.

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