Quebec’s Réseau CCTT – Synchronex is launching a new platform called “Mon succès numérique” (My digital success) and invites small and medium businesses (SMBs) and organizations from across the province to propel themselves into the future.

Réseau CCTT – Synchronex is a group of 59 college centers for the transfer of technology and social practices (CCTT). It is also a non-profit organization which supports the CCTTs in their development and the deployment of innovative practices, and which looks after their interests.

The objective of the new program is to maximize, through innovation, the efficiency of local businesses and organizations by supporting their first steps towards a successful digital transformation, the organization explained in a press release. Supported by a team of five advisers and the expertise of the digital squad made up of 14 CCTTs specializing in digital transformation, the approach will make it possible to create lasting solutions that are adapted to entrepreneurial and organizational realities.

“The CCTT Network has been a stakeholder in innovation in Quebec since its creation, and our digital squad enhances this tradition of excellence,” said Marie Gagné, chief executive officer of the Réseau CCTT – Synchronex. “The ‘Mon succès numérique’ project is the spearhead of our new support strategy towards a concrete digital transition. The enthusiasm generated by this initiative is noticeable, because this program is easily accessible and very fast!”

Companies and organizations can submit their projects via an online form available at The Réseau CCTT -Synchronex team of digital transformation advisors will assess each request and liaise with one or more technology centers whose expertise most specifically meets the needs of the SME.

A selected project is eligible for financial assistance of up to 50 per cent of costs, up to a maximum of $22,500. The project aims to improve the performance and productivity of more than 1,200 companies over the next few years.

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