Salesforce has expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable customers to build custom artificial intelligence (AI) models using Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service, alongside Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology. The new integration was announced at Dreamforce 2022.

The partnership seeks to provide data scientists and developers access to real time data from Salesforce Customer 360 as well as from other sources such as AWS data lakes to build and train ML models in Amazon SageMaker, using their framework or tool of choice.

Customers can then choose between Einstein’s purpose-built models, point-and-click model builders, or Amazon SageMaker-trained and deployed, pre-trained, or custom-built models to power predictions and insights across the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Genie, also announced at Dreamforce, will enable the integration. Genie is a real-time customer data platform that powers Salesforce Customer 360, grants data access to Amazon SageMaker for model training, and enables real-time inference calls to SageMaker to power AI predictions anywhere across the Salesforce Platform.

“The biggest challenge customers face today isn’t that they don’t have data — it’s that the data isn’t connected, and it’s difficult to glean business insights or easily put that data into action,” said Ankur Mehrotra director of Amazon SageMaker at AWS. “With Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce, we aim to solve this challenge by enabling data scientists and developers to successfully build, deploy, and run high-quality machine learning models at scale.”

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