Toronto-based dataware company Cinchy has launched its Credit Union Edition to support credit unions constrained by core banking systems, SaaS, and on-premises applications that trap and silo their data. 

The company says that the new solution will allow credit unions to maximize resources, reduce costs and optimize members’ experience while extending the life of its existing core systems and preventing “rip and replace” approaches.

It says that the new solution will liberate data in the following ways:

Connect with real-time data from core banking systems and applications without the cost, delay, and risk of copy-based data integration
Simplify and universalize control with data “super powers” including auto-versioning, auto-backup, auto-protection, auto-correction, and auto-tracking
Accessible to unlimited users for collaboration without interference from vendor paywalls, IT requests, or data privacy concerns

Additionally, the new solution has pre-built capabilities that deliver 360 degree views of member insights that can help improve service offerings and drive operational efficiency.

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