The Canadian Internet Registration Association (CIRA) has announced a new extension for its DNS Firewall service. It now includes off-network protection for users who are not connected to their corporate networks.

Designed to be used by remote workers on both private and public networks, the CIRA Firewall monitors and analyzes DNS traffic and blocks users from accessing malicious websites. The goal is to protect users from common web security threats, like phishing attacks. Additionally, it also prevents malware already on a network from spreading.

The new service extends the firewall’s function beyond the initial network. The cloud-based service works without enabling virtual private networks and has minimal impact on system performance. To help with deployment, CIRA is also launching a complementary app that enables content filtering outside of the initial network’s perimeter. It needs no special hardware.

For admins, CIRA Firewall includes management features that allow them to configure multiple corporate and public networks. It also has a host of systems to monitor the threats it picks up. It can manage devices in networks and groups, and apply unique policies to different segments.

The service is available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Chrome.

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