Welcome to Hashtag Trending, the Weekend Edition.  My guest this week is Dr. Melvin Greer, the Chief Data Scientist at Intel. 

Greer brings a unique perspective to understanding data science and artificial intelligence.

Originally from Detroit he spent 10 years outside the United States as a chief financial officer and then as a chief information officer. After that, he’s worked in three different areas:

As a researcher in industry which led him to his current job at Intel as a chief data scientist and research fellow.
Teaching in the master’s program on artificial intelligence at Johns Hopkins University and has just accepted a fellow position at the Goldman School at UC Berkeley. At Berkely he is working to accelerate the development and adoption of policy around artificial intelligence and other enabling technologies such as Web 3, blockchain and other digital technologies.
In government he serves as a fellow at the FBI helping the senior executives and technologists at the at the bureau understand how to apply and better deliver against the missions of the bureau using artificial intelligence and data science.

Our discussion was wide ranging and intensely interesting.  We talk about everything from the role of a data scientist to the ethics of AI to how diversity can have a very positive impact on analytics and data science. I hope you’ll join us.

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All the best and enjoy your weekend.  And for our Canadian listeners, happy thanksgiving!

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