This weekend we have Jeff Deverter, the CTO of Microsoft Products and Services at Rackspace. Jeff and I have a wide ranging discussion about the “cloud as an architecture.”

The idea for this program started with a discussion with Jeff about how the conversation about cloud has matured in the past few years.

Jeff has championed the building of the Microsoft suite of products at Rackspace. He started as a Sharepoint expert and moved to Exchange and then to Azure. He has an enormous amount of experience he brings to this conversation.

We talk about everything from design of cloud architectures to data mesh and a lot more. We shared our experiences and advice. All of this happens with a focus with business value. We finish with a great exchanged based on Jeff’s idea that “there is no little league in cybersecurity” and a look at what’s coming up next in cloud.

Whether you are quite advanced in your cloud journey or just beginning, or whether you are an enterprise sized company or a small business, this discussion will give you a lot to think about.

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