Schneider Electric last week announced a series of enhancements to EcoStruxure Energy Hub, an Internet of Things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering it says will simplify energy management and analysis for intelligent buildings and facilities.

According to the company, with buildings responsible for 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions, it  is vital that facility managers are empowered to monitor energy usage and emissions in real-time.

Yet, it said, “the vast majority of electrical assets are not digitally connected in buildings, limiting visibility of energy usage and compliance. This, plus a lack of skilled personnel, means that organizations are struggling to create a plan and take appropriate actions to achieve net zero goals.”

The SaaS offering provides visibility into energy usage, costs, and performance, as well as energy-saving recommendations. It is designed to make managing energy as easy and secure as managing personal finances via a smartphone app, a release stated.

Sophie Borgne, senior vice president of the digital power line of business at Schneider said it “simplifies energy management by letting facility managers automatically collect, store, visualize and report on energy data – whether they manage a single building, a campus, or a portfolio of buildings.

“It empowers customers to change the way they manage their energy – which is more crucial than ever given the current energy crisis and accelerating climate change.”

According to the release, EcoStruxure Energy Hub was designed with the company’s “vision for sustainability and Buildings of the Future in mind, featuring three phases of building energy management advances:

Energy Compliance and Basic Awareness, which helps building owners comply with building energy codes and create transparency to help drive energy-efficient and sustainable behavior. In addition to energy compliance data and electrical distribution monitoring and alarming, new enhancements allow users to allocate energy usage and costs to building tenants, driving energy usage accountability and savings, the company said.
Energy Performance, which leverages analytics to develop deep insights into waste reduction, operational improvements and performance tracking, including a new feature: energy savings tips.
Energy Optimization, which “helps organizations drive continuous energy improvement in building operations without needing to invest in expensive and sophisticated on-premises automation systems.”
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