Meta warns that it could stop Canadians from sharing news on Facebook, a new astronomy camera features incredible resolution, and researchers use lasers for pest control.


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Meta has warned that it will stop Canadians from sharing news on its platform if bill C-18 comes to pass. The proposed bill, also known as the Online News Act, demands social platforms share their revenue with local news publications. In a blog post, Meta stressed that news is not a draw of the platform, claiming that it constitutes less than three per cent of what people see. Additionally, they argued that news outlets voluntarily post their content on the platform, not because Facebook requests it. It also noted that bill C-18 benefits larger, national publications, not local outlets it’s intended to help. Due to several other disapproving points, Meta has threatened to block sharing of news by Canadians if the terms in bill C-18 do not change.

Source: Facebook

In photography, the megapixel count defines a camera’s resolution. The most advanced professional cameras today have around 100MP, which is already considered impressive. However, a new camera designed for astronomers snaps using a massive 3,200MP sensor. Obviously, the camera won’t be on retail shelves. It will instead find its home in the Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s telescope to help astronomers study the night sky. The camera also features a massive 25-foot mirror to collect light, which has been called “unparalleled” by astrophysicists, according to a Wired report.

Source: Wired

Researchers have created a system that zaps cockroaches using lasers. The system detects the pests using AI image processing before blasting them with the heat ray. Additionally, the system has high and low output levels. At a lower level, the laser can deter roaches from hiding in dark places, and at higher levels, they’re “neutralized,” according to the research paper. If you want to build it yourself, the researchers have made the instruction and all the data open source. They’re available on GitHub.

Source: Vice

We’ve talked about the advancements of really big wind turbines in previous episodes, but innovation happens on the opposite scale as well. One company wants to make small-scale wind turbines a commercial success. These turbines, called Aeromine, are no taller than 10 feet tall and can be installed on the edge of roofs. Their parent company claims that they generate 50 per cent more energy than a solar panel, and 16 times as much when the wind is optimal.

Source: Good news network

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