Electric vehicles are more efficient to produce, India wants to use USB-C for universal charger, and Facebook to remove a few personal details from Facebook bios.


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Producing an electric vehicle needs 40 per cent less labour than producing fossil-fuel powered cars. That’s the latest big claim made by Ford CEO Jim Farley. This statement certainly paints a positive outlook for the company’s decision to embrace EVs. On its current roadmap, Ford aims to reach 50 per cent of EV sales by 2030.  According to a report by Cleantechnica, because electric vehicles do not function using the complex components of a gas-operated vehicle, they have fewer parts to break and need less maintenance over time. 

Source: Clean Technica

Apple was recently forced to adopt USB-C ports for its iPhones thanks to a new law in Europe that set rules around universal charging. Now, India will also be adopting USB-C as a common charging port for electronics. According to Livemint, the Indian government made the decision after holding an extensive consultation. The motivation is to reduce e waste and save consumers from having to purchase new chargers with their devices. The government is also hoping that electronic manufacturers will also deduct the cost of the charger from their products, making them more affordable.

Source: Livemint

Facebook will be removing some personal details from user profile bios, including religious views, political views, address, and “interested in,” a detail that signifies a user’s sexual orientation, from user profile bios. The change came suddenly and Meta did not explain why it decided to remove these details. The tumultuous company is undergoing a massive restructure as it cut 11,000 employees last week.

Source: Business Insider

Coinbase’s share price continues to fall as the fallout from FTX’s collapse continues to send shockwaves across the industry. The crypto exchange’s share price fell by six per cent on Thursday even as Goldman Sach said it was insulated from the FTX crash. To date, Coinbase shares fell by 80 per cent this year. Its market capitalization has slid to $11 billion after a massively successful IPO that pinned its value at $85 billion just a year ago.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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