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Canadian tech venture funding continued to fall in Q3 2022, CVCA reports (BETAKIT)

“Investors continue to monitor market conditions in anticipation of an inflection point, while founders hold off fundraising at decreased valuations,” says CVCA CEO Kim Furlong.

DispatchHealth raises $330M to alleviate hospital crowding (CRUNCHBASE)

The Denver-based company provides at-home nursing services for patients who require more care or a higher degree of observation and intervention.

DispatchHealth partners with health systems, insurance companies and employers to offer families a long-term at-home care resource without jettisoning patients, especially those who are fragile or have limited mobility, in and out of hospitals and doctors offices.

OMERS Ventures’ Laura Lenz says “ego raising” is over in #CDNtech (BETAKIT)

Lenz said the “ego raising” that she saw in 2021 can be blamed on both sides: companies wanted to raise bigger rounds, and VCs have their own fund dynamics for which they want to put a certain amount of capital to work.

POWERED BY: MaRS Look inside the new co-working space at MaRS Waterfront.

A lakefront location, beautiful views, swanky furniture, networking spaces and leading-edge building technology. MaRS Waterfront is a brand-new workspace concept for high-tech innovators.

MaRS Waterfront offers emerging and established innovators a unique place to meet and collaborate with people, do deep-dive work in an inspiring setting, and build and scale your company. Developed in partnership with the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship and Menkes in the heart of Toronto’s emerging East Bayfront neighbourhood, it’s also the ideal place to build community, host an event, and get the world to take notice.

Explore the space now.

HC9 Ventures launches with $83M fund, aiming to be ‘more than another name in a press release’ (MEDCITY NEWS)

A new venture capital firm named HC9 Ventures recently launched and announced the close of a $83 million fund. It is led by three healthcare industry veterans, and its more than 125 investors are “intentionally and only healthcare executives,” according to HC9 Co-Founder Richard Lungen.

Prairie tech celebrates its own with Calgary Launch Party, Start Alberta Awards, Startup TNT Summit (BETAKIT)

This year’s Launch Party highlighted 10 Calgary startups, with three taking home prizes for the People’s Choice Award, Alumni’s Choice Award, and the Alex Raczenko Pitch Award, respectively.

Flipkart-backed health tech startup BeatO snags $33 mn in Series B round (LIVE MINT)

The fresh infusion will be utilized to expand BeatO’s diabetes care programs across the country, invest in strengthening leadership team and also improve BeatO’s product and technology.

How electrifying transportation could surge Ontario’s economy (BETAKIT)

“The change to electric vehicles is the right thing for the industry to do to remain competitive and profitable,” said Richard Dunda, the Director of the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility.

There’s an ‘arms race’ in health tech. Who could be the next M&A target? (FIERCE HEALTHCARE)

Major retailers are extending their reach deeper into the care continuum and it has major implications for how and where care is delivered and paid for, and by whom. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and tech giant Amazon are ramping up their focus on providing medical services to gain bigger footholds in the healthcare market.

How Acuva balances global growth with local impact to provide clean drinking water (BETAKIT)

Singh founded Acuva in 2014 with a mission to enable clean drinking water using technology and so far he’s secured $8.4 million in growth financing to do it.

Speaking with BetaKit, Singh shared Acuva’s growth story, how he’s prioritizing local impact while growing globally, and the challenges the company has faced scaling in Canada.

AI-enabled patient monitoring platform scores $27M in funding (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

The funds will help the company help grow the company and deliver “ambient intelligence to healthcare.”

“The physical, emotional, and economic burden on our caregivers has never been more challenging. Processes remain manual and time-consuming, and care teams are bogged down with burdensome tasks and documentation – and unfortunately, clinicians and patients suffer the consequences,” Chakri Toleti, CEO and founder of, said in a statement.

Canadian tech layoffs continue as tough year comes to a close (BETAKIT)

Properly, TealBook, D2L, Symend, and League have all made layoffs in recent weeks. Along with recent cuts by Apollo Insurance, Faire, Swift Medical, VanHack, and Koho, these moves indicate that Canadian tech companies across verticals and geographies continue to feel the pressure of challenging market conditions.

Will sextech survive a tech crackdown and cost of living crisis? (SIFTED)

Sextech (and society) is caught in a grapple between antiquated morals and restrictive regulation around sex work, and those who are embracing online sex work, including porn and all things still considered taboo by a sizeable slice of the population.

Sifted spoke to the experts about how the sextech industry is progressing in this environment — and what we can expect in the future.

Cyclica receives $2.4 million CAD grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BETAKIT)

The Toronto-based biotech startup is developing new, non-hormonal contraceptives, and said the grant enables it to apply its artificial intelligence-enabled drug discovery platform to the problem. The goal is to create new non-hormonal contraceptives that can be used on a global scale, but with an eye towards developing countries.

We can now use cells from dead people to create new life. But who gets to decide? (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

This is why it’s important to tell partners or parents whether you’d want your eggs, sperm or embryos to be used after you’ve died.

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