Last week at Re:Invent 2022, IT (information technology) services and consulting company Accenture launched Velocity, a jointly funded and co-developed platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Velocity is designed to improve business outcomes by eliminating the challenges associated with building and running enterprise scale applications in the cloud.

“We’re really excited. Really because it’s [Velocity] helping out clients compress that early cloud enablement and labour intensive stuff, how they use capabilities on the cloud and get them quicker on the business transformation they want. And we’re seeing it to be upwards of 50 per cent faster.” said Andy Tay, global lead for the AWS Accenture Group.

Accenture stressed that the development of Velocity is the result of learnings from thousands of projects with AWS over the past 14 years, and the shared vision to revolutionize the time, labour, and cost-intensive work that recurs at the start of every new project or during a business’ transition to the cloud. 

Tay added that Velocity also satisfies clients’ desire for speed; “As the macroeconomic environment kicks in, as the distortion and disruption across industry lines happen, as clients start competing with each other even more, the need for speed has increased.”

Available on a subscription basis, Velocity includes the following:

A technology fabric that includes Velocity’s pre-built and self-renewing capabilities that create enterprise-scale cloud environments based on business’ imperatives.
Accelerators that allow software vendors to connect to Velocity’s Fabric and leverage multiple Amazon business solutions.
Activators ease technology and talent hurdles with a set of assets, methodologies, and processes, enabled by Accenture’s 27,000 AWS cloud specialists.

“As you see in the world, companies are under pressure from their competition. So they’ve all got to do stuff quickly. And at the core of that is us, as Accenture in AWS, constantly pushing ourselves to build the solutions,” Tay said. “It’s like running a 100 meter race. We’re building solutions that get them [companies] immediately to the 40 meter mark. So now, they only have to run the final 60 meters.”

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