Two pods ago, OMERS Ventures partner Laura Lenz said that ‘ego rounds are over’ and down rounds are coming to tech (spoilers: they’re already here).

“If this is the environment we’re in today, what should we do?”
– Aleeza Hashmi

This week, Lenz is joined by Georgian’s Michelle Yu and Bessemer Venture Partners’ Aleeza Hashmi, who generally agree with that sentiment.

As Hashmi says on this podcast, the next four to six months will be the hardest for startups to raise in. So “if this is the environment we’re in today,” Hashmi asks, “what should [founders] do?”

That’s the question all three VCs get into on the podcast in this panel conversation moderated by BetaKit senior editor Meagan Simpson, recorded live on the BetaKit Keynote Stage at SAAS NORTH.

I don’t want to spoil this conversation, but considering the gloom and doom surrounding the end of the year, I will give you one highlight (or ray of hope): the VCs also agree that strong fundamentals still command strong valuations.

Let’s dig in.

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