Wonderful listeners, congratulations. With your help, we have all survived a downer of a 2022.

“FTX and its collapse is just the icing on the shitty cake that has been crypto this year.”

It has been a weird couple of years generally, but—at least on this podcast—we’ve gotten better at rolling with the punches. So as 2022 comes to a close, we’ve got a star-studded group of luminaries to unpack the year in tech, and even offer a few predictions as to what might come in 2023!

Returning to the podcast this week is BetaKit senior editor Meagan Simpson, and making his very first podcast appearance ever, BetaKit reporter Josh Scott. Along with co-host Rob Kenedi, they came prepared to discuss the biggest stories of 2022, as well as the most overlooked.

Without further ado, so we may sift through the rubble of this dumpster fire year: let’s dig in.

2022 in review

Boom to bust
Crypto collapse
What the hell is going on with social media?
Most overlooked stories

2023 predictions

Well-summarized in a few tweets.

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