It’s fashionable these days to be cynical about government.  But we spend a lot of time researching and telling stories about government.  Personally, I’ve found that our civic employees are incredibly creative and dedicated – and they do amazing things often with very little in the way of budget or resources.

They face incredible and growing demands for more and more critical services, and like the rest of us, are often struggling to just keep their head above water. Despite that, if you keep your eyes and ears open you will hear about some amazing accomplishments.

So when someone contacts me and says, “did you hear about this?” I listen.

And when they say they are in health care – an area where,  as my old boss used to say, “the need was never greater.”  I really listen.

And when their email signature says “Avoid being on the naughty list this year, submit an automation opportunity today.” — well, I send them a note and say, you have to come on my podcast.

Our guest today is Jesse Tutt from Alberta Health Services. Jesse and I discuss the nuts and bolts of how they have implemented RPA and the results they have achieved.

This discussion was enlightening.  We took the idea of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and really explored how it is done in the real world. We looked at the opportunities, the challenges and how to make the business cases as well as how to get started.

It turns out that by focusing on some very simple but time consuming processes, they’ve achieved real, measurable savings with a relatively modest investment.

As always we try to really explore how they did it, what they learned and what we can take away and use.

I hope you enjoy this episode.  As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for topics and stories that we can cover here and in all our publications. Write me at or find me on Linked In, Twitter and on ITWC’s new Mastodon server at


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