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What’s new this week

Reddit and Omnicom Media Group announce enterprise partnership in Canada

Source: Reddit

Reddit has announced its first-ever enterprise partnership with Omnicom Media Group (OMG), which provides brand and advertising services to companies. The country-specific agreement follows the announcement of its U.S. enterprise partnership with Omnicom in March of last year.

This partnership aims to offer clients of OMG Canada agencies – OMD, Hearts & Science, PHD Media and Touché – a range of services that will enhance the value of their media spend on Reddit. 

This includes priority access to Reddit’s in-house creative agency, KarmaLab, via a dedicated lead, early visibility into and opportunities to partner on key research projects, and custom data and insights to exclusive platform training

The partnership also aims to uplevel OMG Canada’s clients’ presence on Reddit.

Worlds best pro cycling teams create Road Code – a new digital fan universe

Source: RoadCode

Ten of the best professional cycling teams in the world are building their own community-driven online universe for the pro riders, loyal fans, fantasy league players, and amateur cyclists from around the world. This platform is called Road Code. Velon and the Velon Teams have partnered with The HBAR Foundation to deliver this first ever fan universe for pro-road cycling, built on the Hedera public network

Road Code is expected to launch early next year and is cycling’s first fan universe, a complete Web3 ecosystem for the sport. Users will get unique access to the riders’ expert knowledge, specialized training programs, an advanced fantasy game that allows fans to play between and during all major pro cycling races. It offers behind the scenes footage from bike-cams of some of the toughest and most beautiful races in the world.

As a first step to accessing Road Code, users need to claim an account. Having an account provides members access to premium content and the ability to hold their digital collectibles and in-game assets before the start of the season next year.

ILX Group finds that investing in employees can increase revenue by 218 per cent

Source: ILX Group

New research from ILX Group reveals that upskilling through learning and development could be the answer to businesses’ concerns around diminishing revenue and stagflation.

The data shows that companies with comprehensive training programs have on average 218 per cent higher income per employee.

It also showed that hiring new leaders and managers costs on average £31,375 (C$50,894) and £14,117 (C$22,899) in direct fees. 

The research found that 94 per cent of employees would be more likely to stay with an employer who invested in their career development in some way. 

To combat stagflation, experts at ILX argue that enhancing employees skills is the best way to safeguard businesses in this challenging macroeconomic environment. The company suggests that at a time when cost-saving innovations are necessary, skilled workers are required to implement them.

Plume Data Reveals top smart home trends seen in 2022

Source: Plume

Plume, a personalized communications service, revealed new insights following an analysis of data from homes powered by its cloud-driven solution throughout the month of November. 

The month’s Plume IQ examined the major trends in Plume-powered smart homes this year across the areas of connected device popularity, network performance, cybersecurity, data usage, and brand loyalty

Connected devices: The U.S. leads Europe in device count, with 31 per cent more devices connected to their home networks.

Network performance: Networks are getting better in both the U.S. and Europe at similar rates, with a 24 per cent and 20 per cent increase in internet download speeds respectively.

Cybersecurity: Plume says that cyberthreats increased over the year, driven by the conflict in Ukraine, global inflation, and economic uncertainty The number of threats blocked by Plume was up in both the U.S. and Europe, by 162 per cent and 168 per cent respectively.

Data usage: U.S. households consumed 123 per cent more data on average per month than European households: 794 GB per month vs. 356 GB. The most notable category for increased data consumption was streaming devices.

Brand loyalty: Google added more devices than Apple over the period, with 16 per cent and 10 per cent  growth respectively. At category level, lifestyle and IoT devices grew faster relative to other device types, with smart speakers up 30 per cent, e-readers up 33 per cent, and smart light bulbs up 30 per cent.

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