The Ontario agency that sells alcoholic beverages is still dealing with an undescribed cyber incident, over 16 hours after its website was taken offline.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario tweeted that it is responding to a cybersecurity incident affecting and its mobile app. In-store sales of liquor and wine are unaffected.

With roughly $7 billion in annual sales, the Crown corporation has about 670 stores across the province, and 8,000 employees.

As a Crown corporation, it is part of the broader public sector, which includes hospitals, and school boards. In a report last year a cybersecurity task force urged the province to create a single body to oversee cybersecurity across the entire broader public service, dispensing advice and demanding accountability. It would augment current governance structures responsible for sector-specific cyber security risks. The government has yet to say how many of the recommendations it will adopt.

Toronto’s University Health Network suffered what it called a cyber incident this week, but quickly determined that it wasn’t a cyber attack. However, the city’s Hospital for Sick Children is still dealing with the effects of a ransomware attack.

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