Yesterday, French cloud computing company OVHcloud launched Metal Instances, a pay-as-you-go physical server providing users with compute, storage, and network resources for their workloads. It is run on dedicated single tenant physical servers, and allocated resources are billed by the hour or month.

Metal Instances is also compatible with the public cloud ecosystem, allowing users to industrialise their use of bare metal instances, and enhance their deployments with the entire public cloud catalogue. They are deployed via APIs (application programming interface) and Infrastructure-as-Code tools.

Users can choose the best hardware for their processing workloads through Metal Instances’ on-demand availability and rapid deployment times, made possible by OpenStack and Terraform native support.

“From the creation of our own dedicated bare metal servers, where we have full control of the design thanks to our unique integrated model, to the availability of Metal Instances, bare metal is going full circle to address every cloud compute need one might think of,” said Thierry Souche, chief technical officer of OVHcloud. 

Customers can choose from the following three instances, based on their needs:

bm-s1-categorized small, powered by an Intel Xeon-E 2274G, 2x 960 GB (gigabyte) SSD (solid state drive), 32GB memory and with hourly pricing of 0,5 euros (C$0.70)
bm-m1– categorized medium, powered by an Intel Xeon-E 2288G, 2x 960 GB SSD, 64GB memory, with hourly pricing of 0,85 euros (C$1.20)
bm-l1– categorized large, powered by an AMD EPYC 7371, 2x 960 GB SSD, 128GB memory, with hourly pricing of 1,45 euros (C$2)

All instances have now been rolled out in Canada.

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