Computer security company TechLok Solutions unveiled LapLok, a pocket-sized anti-theft solution, designed to protect one’s laptop or other belongings from grab-and-go thieves, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Laplok mounted on desk

LapLok has a semi-permanent adhesive horizontal mounting arm that you first attach to the back of your laptop. You can then connect that mount arm to the mouth of the LapLok and then adjust the lower arm to the desired height and clamp onto a desk or armrest. When the LapLok is in place, you just pull it down to secure it.

The tool also has an intelligent password management system that lets you input your passcode when you need to release the LapLok and move your computer. Passcodes can easily be changed and managed through the LapLok system.

Laplok code buttons

The device also includes an adjustable alarm that goes up to 100 decibels in case of an attempted theft. You can set LapLok alarm volume to either to high, medium, low volume, or off altogether, depending on your needs or location.

“Every 53 seconds someone is the victim of laptop theft,” said Ryan Angott, president of LapLok. “With the work from anywhere movement skyrocketing, airports, cafes, and shared workspaces have all become hotbeds for laptop theft. We designed LapLok to serve as your pocket-sized security guard. LapLok allows users to work calmly and confidently with the peace of mind of knowing your device and data aren’t going anywhere, even if you step away for a few minutes here and there.”

LapLok is currently available through crowdfunding website Indiegogo on its own, or in a productivity pack for C$102 that includes a phone holster and a BagLok for securing a briefcase or other bag to the LapLok. Despite the note on Indiegogo that it ships to the U.S. only, Angott said that all Indiegogo orders will be fulfilled in May, regardless of where they come from, and beginning in mid-May, customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will be able to purchase LapLok on Amazon or directly from the LapLok website.

View a video of the LapLok in action here.

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