Cybersecurity.  How do you keep up with it all?  I admit it’s difficult and sometimes overwhelming.  But I have to keep up not only because I am a CIO and I am ultimately responsible for cybersecurity.  Plus – I’m the host of MapleSEC – IT World Canada’s security event which has a big annual event and smaller events throughout the year.

So how do I  keep up?  Well like a lot of you I read or in the US. I especially follow Howard Solomon on his CyberSecurityToday podcast which I highly recommend.

Our Mastodon site that we run for technology writers and professionals has put me in touch with top security journalists like Michael Krebs and others.

Last, and not least, because we are a publisher, I get to talk to some really interesting people from some really interesting companies.

A few years back, I actually hosted a big event for Trend Micro – doing that gave birth to the annual event we now know as MapleSEC.  Trend Micro was and is a really cool company that has a lot of research and presence in Canada.  So I always have time for them, and thankfully, they have time for me.

So this week I was able to get Greg Young, Vice President Cybersecurity at Trend Micro, to come on our podcast to discuss and share the results of their 2023 report on Cybersecurity.

I hope you enjoy it. As always, if you have story ideas, comments or suggestions, please drop them into the comments at the bottom of this article. All you have to do is click the checkmark (or the X if you are unhappy with anything) and leave me a note.

I’ll be stepping into the announcer’s chair for the daily news version of Hashtag Trending starting Monday. Hope to talk to you then.

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