Canadian bookstore chain Indigo is still dealing with last week’s cyber attack.

This morning, the company’s website was still offline. Stores were open but some were having trouble: Shoppers at the Indigo store in Toronto’s Yorkdale mall were told on Saturday that the point of sales stations on the main floor weren’t working and they had to buy products at stations on the second floor.

Immediately after the attack, purchasers were only able to pay for items in cash. Now they can use credit and debit cards. However, customers still can’t use gift cards or return purchases.

Notice on Indigo store window after Feb 2023 cyber attack (ITWC photo)

Shoppers are urged not to log into any site that claims to be Indigo Books.

Asked on Sunday for comment on the cause of the incident, a company spokesperson issued this statement: “We are working hard with third-party experts to gather more information about this incident and can provide you with an update as more information becomes available.”

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