IT professionals are passionate about their pets. Those little creatures have kept us company during COVID and they keep us sane through all of the ups and downs of our technology-driven careers.
There are tons of awards for achievements in IT. We honour CIOs, CISOs, Channel Partners, and Digital Transformation – and a whole lot more.
Does the world need one more award program?  YES!  It needs to celebrate the IT Pet of the Year.
This year, on National Pet Day we will select the best photos or videos of your IT Pet and our readers will get the chance to vote on the winner.  The winner will receive a special grand prize of $200 (and that’s a lot of kibble). But more than money, your pet, along with the other top runners up will be featured on the home page of IT World Canada and related publications.
Send us a picture or a video with a short description of why your fortran feline or data dog or maybe even linux lynx should be the pet of the year.

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