Today, Coveo, a Montreal-based company that offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to make digital experiences “enjoyable, personalized, relevant and profitable”, announced the Coveo Relevance Generative Answering capability.

This is a new generative AI response generation feature that leverages the unified and secure indexing, search, and relevance capabilities of Coveo’s AI platform and combines them with Large Language Models (LLMs). This makes response generation using large language models applicable within enterprises, where security, privacy, real-time sources of truth, relevance and factuality are all key imperatives, the company explained in a press release.

“Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and alternatives have taken the world by storm. Despite their current shortcomings for use in the enterprise (misinformation, hallucinations, no personalization, expensive training costs, lack of privacy and security, and questionable ethics, among others), we anticipate that demand for Generative AI question answering experiences will become ubiquitous in every digital experience, including in commerce and customer service. In the enterprise, we believe that search and generative question-answering need to be integrated, coherent, based on current sources of truth with compliance for security and privacy, providing relevant answers every time,” said Laurent Simoneau, president, chief technology officer and co-founder of Coveo. “We are confident that Coveo is in a unique position to leverage our unparalleled AI expertise and ability to build on the power of our platform to make these LLM capabilities ready for large enterprises.”

This new relevance generative answering capability, integrated within Coveo’s AI platform, will be available for customers with self-service use cases this summer, followed by other use cases in customer service, commerce, website, and workplace search.

Coveo will leverage several large language models, depending on the use case, to provide the best possible response. Relevance Generative Answering will combine the large language models with Coveo’s own powerful enterprise search and relevance technology using strategies such as Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

“At Coveo, we understood a long time ago that there would be a shift from traditional search experiences to AI-powered digital experiences, and that’s why we have been investing in AI technology for more than a decade,” said Louis Têtu, Coveo’s chairman and chief executive officer. “We believe innovations like Coveo Relevance Generative Answering once again lead the market by solving key challenges for enterprises, and will help our customers improve their end customer and employee satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, reduce costs, and grow profits.”

Coveo Relevance 360o, a 60-minute virtual event, will be presented on March 23 to discuss Coveo’s Relevance Generative Answering capability. You can register by following this link:

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