We’ve all got one.  One of those friends that you don’t see a lot, but when you do, you feel like you pick up right where you started.

And they always have something fascinating to talk about.  Something really interesting that they are working on.  They are opinionated and bright.  So its not that you sit there listening through the whole conversation – you joust, you argue, you question – you just have one heck of a time.

And when you are done – when the evening is over, drinks are finished, lunch is done or the zoom call is finished – you feel energized. It’s not just a discussion, it’s a collaboration.

Peter Smit is one of those people.  Entrepreneur, academic, researcher and I’m pleased to say – he’s that type of friend.  So I thought you’d like to meet him too.

As with everything with Peter, I’m not 100% per cent sure where this conversation is going to take us, but that’s part of the the fun.

We will discuss his new research project on collaboration. For years now, Peter has been using science and analytics to understand the patterns of collaboration that occur in offices and companies. Some of his findings were eye-opening, challenging what we thought was true.

That research took a bit of a turn when the pandemic struck and suddenly he was researching remote and hybrid environments as well as office work.

And he has a new research project that he’s embarking on. You’ll hear about it in the podcast.

Where we go from there, I’m never really certain But that’s part of the fun.

If you are interested in participating in the assessment Peter speaks about you can check it out at at https://www..com/collaboration

If you have questions about the research, feel free to contact Peter at peter@collabogence.com

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