Calgary-based investment group Valhalla Private Capital has announced a strategic partnership with Plug and Play Alberta to increase investor recruitment and engagement for both parties.

As part of the agreement, Valhalla Private Capital and Plug and Play Alberta will co-host events and cross-promote each other to increase the exposure of startup companies to investors. The companies will also collaborate on a new program to be delivered to startups, covering topics such as term sheets, valuations, and later-stage startups.

“Plug and Play has demonstrated its ability to support startups through their unique partnerships with the corporate community,” said Teruel Carrasco, president of Valhalla Private Capital.

Plug and Play Alberta is an accelerator platform that consists of 50,000 startups and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries. To be selected for any of Plug and Play’s 12-week acceleration programs, startups must undergo an application and selection process before the top 10 percent of applicants are accepted. After the accelerator, startups present the progress they made in front of investors during an expo day held by Plug and Play.

As a result of this partnership, Plug and Play Alberta sponsored Valhalla Private Capital’s event, Vantage: Early Stage Investing in 2023. The inaugural one-day summit, which took place on March 22, brought together investors and founders to explore the asset class as an investment strategy.

Co-founded by four Albertan venture capitalists in 2017, Valhalla Private Capital provides mentorship, education and mergers & acquisitions advisory services to startups through programs such as the Valhalla Founder Basecamp. Home to one of the largest angel networks in Western Canada, its investment portfolio includes Polkadot, VoxCell BioInnovation and StoreToDoor.

Originally based in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play opened its first Canadian location in 2020. It expanded to Alberta as part of the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator in 2021, a provincially-backed program to attract more international accelerators to Alberta. It was granted $35 million by the program to commence its operations in Alberta.

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