Bell Canada is now offering two services to help IT departments monitor the security posture of their cloud-based platforms.

Cloud Security Posture Assessment (CSPA) involves Bell staff examining an organization’s assets in the cloud for existing security gaps. A tool — which leverages Palo Alto Networks’  Prisma Cloud — scans and discovers assets and their configuration information, which is then analyzed and compared to customer-specified standards and the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix, a set of industry standards for cloud security assurance and compliance. The report generated identifies gaps in security configurations and standards compliance and recommends actions to IT staff.

The second new offering, Cloud Security Posture Protection (CSPP), is a managed service that provides ongoing insight, visibility, and management of security for workloads or applications delivered from public clouds. This ensures that all cloud services are properly configured across all environments, with proactive alerts, Bell says.

No pricing details were announced.

“With the move of enterprise data to the public cloud, proper configuration is the biggest challenge for companies, and it is critical to protect and defend that data,” said Ranjeeta Singh, Bell’s senior vice-president for product, innovation and services. “Bell offers exceptional capabilities to manage this for organizations, with personalized insights gained with the support of Palo Alto Networks’ assessment application.”

In a statement, Ankur Shah, Palo Alto Networks’ senior vice-president for Prisma Cloud, said traditional approaches to securing complex cloud environments revolve around stitching together multiple point products, which lacks the necessary elements for true comprehensive cloud security: real-time visibility and prevention first. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with one of Canada’s largest enterprises on their cloud journey to show the depth and scalability of Prisma Cloud, and why a consolidated approach to cloud security is the best path forward,” he said.

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