There is no doubt that there is an explosion in AI – it seems like every day some major company has a new announcement of the expansion of their AI products. We are hearing about the large players – Microsoft, ChatGPT, Google and others.

There certainly is a tsunami of new browser extensions and apps, a lot of them stripped down versions of ChatGPT.

But where the are opportunities for the new innovators? Where are those who are adding real value and finding areas that are not just ChatGPT imitators?

Arun Ivengar is the CEO of Untethered AI and he has a unique value proposition.

Untether wants to tackle AI’s energy consumption problem. According to the company’s press information, 1 per cent of the world’s electricity is already being used for AI. No surprise, with the the rapid growth in AI, the company predicts that consumption will double every two years.  By 2030  15-16 per cent of the world’s energy consumption will be from AI.

Even with carbon neutral energy sources, this increase could have a real impact on carbon emissions at a time when the planet desperately needs to reduce and not increase energy demands.

Beyond energy consumption the company has some other unique approaches which they feel will have a real impact on self driving cars, retail and financial technology.

All that, and we also get the perspective of an entrepreneur building an business that they feel will thrive in an AI dominated world. Check it out on this episode of the Weekend Edition.

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