Last month, Dell Technologies announced its 2023 commercial lineup, adding new devices,  touting multiple performance enhancements and an increased focus on sustainability in its new designs. 

The computer maker also announced new security products to help organizations better protect their systems against the expanding threat landscape.

Here are the new devices announced:

1. Latitude 9440

Latitude 9440

This one, Dell says, is the world’s smallest 14-inch commercial PC, ideal for executives, salespeople and consultants.

The 9440 seeks to make conference calls easier with what the company says is the world’s first haptic collaboration touchpad. 

Dell updated its thermal design to rear venting dual-fan systems for a cool and quiet experience. It also reduced the backlit keyboard power usage by up to 75 per cent with its mini–LED backlight, and increased battery life by three hours. Dell adds that images are sharper and more immersive on the new 9440’s display.

The Latitude 9440 also comes with a new keyboard with wider keys and no gaps, which Dell calls zero-lattice.

This PC will be available in the coming months, price to be announced nearer to shipping dates.

2. Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralights

Latitude 7340 & Latitude 7440

Made with magnesium throughout the chassis, these devices are light, weighing about one kilogram.

They come in either 13 and 14 inches, with 16:10 aspect ratio, a mini-LED backlit battery saving keyboard, 5MP camera and an optional 5G module.

The new grey/blue blend, called the “river colour” also gives the PC a modern look.

The starting price for these laptops is US$1676.99.

3. Precision 5680

Precision 5680

Dell’s new 16 inch workstation touts more power and immersive experiences for creators and engineers.

It includes up to an Intel Core i9 (45W) CPU, up to 64GB of DDR5 memory, and the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation Laptop GPU.

It also contains four grade A audio speakers, up to a UHD+ PremierColor display, and a FHD IR camera with proximity and ambient light sensors.

Dell also added its own Dual Opposite Outlet fan technology so the system can handle complex workflows and intensive applications without overheating.

Demanding users can benefit from the  extended power range (EPR) technology, delivering more power (165W versus 130W) through a universal USB-C connector.

The 5680 will be available on May 18, price TBA nearer to shipping date.

Both Latitude 9440 and Precision 5680 are designed with low carbon and recycled aluminum. The 9440 has keycaps made from 75 per cent recycled plastic and has renewable plastic components made from a byproduct of agricultural and food waste, Dell said.

The power adapters of the Precision 5680 and 3000, as well as the Latitude 9440, also contain recycled copper for the first time.

4. Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor

With this ultrawide 49” dual QHD curved monitor, users can split the display into two 27-inch partitions and display output from two computers simultaneously.

The USB-C hub on the monitor provides multiple connectivity options, powering a laptop (up to 90W) and delivering 2.5GbE connection via the built-in Ethernet port.

It also features ComfortView Plus for enhanced eye comfort.

The starting price for this monitor is C$2,699.99.

5. Optiplex

OptiPlex Family

Dell also updated its OptiPlex portfolio to enable customers to choose a system based on workspace and performance needs. The portfolio is also more intelligent and easier for IT admins to manage multiple devices with a new single BIOS setup, Dell says.

6. APEX Managed Device Service

With this service, customers pay a monthly subscription of US$70 per device to have Dell take care of day-to-day IT support and PC management. 

Dell Technology experts are available 24/7 to assist with a whole range of issues including device set up, software implementation, device encryption, hardware fixes, as well as team coaching.

There’s no long term commitment involved, Dell confirmed.

Security products

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Pro Plus

This new security solution includes, among other things, 24/7 threat detection and investigation, attack simulations, penetration testing to identify vulnerable pathways as well as a year-round cybersecurity training.

Partnership with CrowdStrike

Dell added CrowdStrike Falcon into its SafeGuard and Response portfolio to enable organizations to access an extended suite of defenses, designed to accelerate threat investigation and response.

Cloud-based Secured Component Verification (SCV)

Secured Component Verification on Cloud seeks to reduce the risk of product tampering of Dell commercial PCs. 

Dell generates a digital certificate, stored in a cloud environment, that documents key PC components in the factory. Upon delivery, IT teams can review the PCs against their corresponding certificates to verify component integrity.

Product Success Accelerator for Cyber Recovery

This new service seeks to streamline the implementation and operation of a more secure, isolated Cyber Recovery vault so organizations can protect critical data.

Companies can choose from three levels of assistance, based on their needs:

Ready includes planning workshops, installation and configuration of a Dell Cyber Recovery vault, a runbook, success plan and cybersecurity skills training
Optimise includes quarterly vault assessments, updates, patches and recommendations
Operate adds ongoing operational assistance to monitor and investigate activity, and initiate corrective actions and support in the event of a cyberattack

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