So, you heard about this new AI phenomenon – so smart it’s going to change your life, take over your job, and maybe even take over the world.

Being curious, maybe you looked it up, found the site for ChatGPT, or got the Bing search engine, and after you’ve asked yourself “who thinks up these names” you started to play around.

“ChatGPT tell me a joke.”

How do I fix my lawnmower?

Or maybe you tried to sneak one by it, “How do we take over the world?”

Or you ask it to draft a business strategy for a new business. It looks good, so you try to get it to do another strategy and it sounds the same as the first one.

If you’ve been playing with it for a while, you’ll have noticed that it makes mistakes.That’s a bit of a problem.

But still, it’s amusing

It can do a lot of stuff…

Can you write a poem with the word Nantucket?

Or write a verse of Shakespeare…

Then after playing around for a few hours, you asked yourself the same question, that so many have. Okay. But what do I do with it? How can I actually use this in my business?

And if you are asking that, you are not alone.

Lots of people have been asking the same question. What can I actually do with this thing?

And I confess that I’m still struggling with that myself. So I’m always scouring around looking for ideas. And in the process of doing that, I encountered my guest, who has been using ChatGPT in his real-world job and had a lot to say about how it was making him more productive.

Who would have thought that if you wanted to find out how to use artificial intelligence, you would use human intelligence?

But the more I read about what my guest was doing, the more I wanted to talk to him about it. And I thought, well why not share that conversation?

So here we are and I’m meeting my guest for the first time. His name is Conor Grennan.
Welcome Conor.

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