A Canadian software company says it suffered a cyber attack this week.

Toronto-based Constellation Software Inc. said in a statement that on Wednesday it was subject to what it calls a “cyber-security incident that impacted a limited number of its IT infrastructure systems.”

However, it adds, a “limited amount of personal information of individuals was impacted by the incident.  A limited amount of data of the business partners of Constellation businesses was also impacted.  Constellation’s operating groups and businesses are now in the process of contacting such individuals and business partners directly.”

According to a tweet from Brett Callow, a British Columbia-based threat analyst at Emsisoft, the AlphV ransomware gang lists Constellation as one of its victims. An accompanying note says, “We have been on your network for a long time and have time to analyze your business. We have stolen more than 1TB of your confidential data. If you ignore or refuse  the deal we will be forced to release all your data to the public.”

IT World Canada has not independently verified the claim.

Constellation Software acquires and builds software companies. It says that it has over 25,000 employees globally, generating consolidated revenues exceeding US$4 billion.

Units include Volaris Group, which says it operates over 170 software companies spanning more than 40 different vertical markets; Harris Computer, which targets software companies in the public, healthcare and utilities sectors; Jonas Software, Perseus Group and Topicus Group.

Constellation says the incident was limited to a small number of systems related to internal financial reporting and related data storage for the operating groups and businesses of Constellation. The independent IT systems of Constellation’s operating groups and businesses were not impacted. The incident has not had a material impact on the business operations of Constellation, it adds.

Upon detecting the attack, Constellation says took immediate steps to retain cyber-security experts to assist with containment and to conduct a forensic investigation into the cause and scope.  “The incident has since been contained, and impacted systems have now been restored,” it says.

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