At its recent World Tour NYC event, Salesforce launched Slack GPT, a native conversational AI for Slack which, the company said “will deliver the ability to use generative AI app integrations, different language models, and the power to tap into secure customer data insights from the Customer 360 and Data Cloud. And it will work with Einstein GPT to unlock the power of CRM and conversational data to make every organization more productive.”

The new AI, the company said, will provide features such as conversation summaries and writing assistance in Slack, it is customizable to use the large language model (LLM) of the customer’s choice, and allows an organization to build AI-powered no-code workflows using Workflow Builder.

The recently released Slack canvas – a permanent place in Slack where teams can create, organize, and share essential business resources – will also receive an AI assist.

Only Anthropic’s Claude app for Slack is currently available, while Slack GPT native AI capabilities are currently in development, the ChatGPT app for Slack is in beta, the Einstein GPT app for Slack is in development, and Workflow Builder with Slack GPT AI connectors will be available this summer.

Also at the event in New York, Salesforce announced that it plans to collaborate with Accenture to accelerate the deployment of generative AI for CRM. Together, the companies intend to “establish an acceleration hub for generative AI that provides organizations with the technology and experience they need to scale Einstein GPT – Salesforce’s generative AI for CRM —to help them increase employee productivity and transform customer experiences,” a release stated.

“Generative AI has enormous potential to transform the way companies interact with customers and drive business growth” said Bill Patterson, executive vice president and general manager, C360 Applications, Salesforce.

“Accenture and Salesforce together have years of experience in AI and play a critical role in ensuring customers get the most value from this technology. We want to come together to bring the visionary and technical expertise needed to unlock new possibilities for AI- and data-powered CRM, driving a profound transformation in customer interactions.”

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