The security certificate on Cisco vEdge 1000, vEdge 2000, and vEdge 100M/B platforms expired on May 9, and the company warns that, until updates are available, users should not reload the devices, update policies, or perform certain template pushes. Doing so could result in a complete loss of service.

The advisory provides detailed information on how to identify affected devices, precautions to avoid service disruption, and an explanation of the remediation process.

It also contains a list of updated software versions, which is being added to as Cisco issues the fixes, and a warning that devices on affected releases 19.x and 20.3.x lower than may encounter the bug described in CSCwd46600 post-upgrade. To temporarily resolve this issue, it says, “clear control connections” on affected vEdge devices. A long-term fix will require an upgrade to the version with the fixes for both CSCwd46600 and CSCwf28118,

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