An increasing number of AI-powered tools is now available as free browser extensions. We’ve been looking at some of these and selected some that we think are, if not the best, then at least very interesting.

New ones emerge nearly every day, so it’s more and more possible to find a plugin for your every need; we hope to help you narrow your search. We can’t guarantee any of these plug-ins, but have taken at least a minimal look to avoid what we think are potentially dangerous fakes out there – but its still ‘caveat emptor’ – or rather, ‘downloader beware.’

Four of this batch of five are Chrome plugins, but don’t think for a moment that there’s nothing for other browsers. Stay tuned for updates.

5 AI Browser Plugins That Will Help You Simplify Your Tasks


ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 have undoubtedly taken the world by storm and made work and business easier for everyone. However, a lack of internet search capability and the inability to provide relevant information in real-time are likely their main weaknesses.

The new Chrome extension, WebChatGPT, addresses that issue, allowing you to get answers backed by the latest data, as this tool can browse the internet. This plugin already has over 1,000,000 users, and it will enable you to extract webpage text from any URL.

Moreover, it’s completely serverless, meaning there’s no backend server, data collection, and analytics. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues.

Main Benefits:

Internet search access
Provides up-to-date answers
Allows you to generate content faster

Compose AI

The average expected ROI is $40 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. But imagine how much that ROI could increase if you could accelerate your strategy and send more emails per day without spending more time on the process.

Chrome’s extension, Compose AI, makes that possible by auto-completing sentences as you type, enabling you to write emails, create documents, and chat faster. This AI-powered writing tool already has over 200,000 users and many positive reviews, where people principally praise it for helping them perform their daily tasks more easily.

Main Benefits:

Autocompletes sentences across applications
Rephrases sentences, making them more professional and friendlier
Generates full-length emails from short phrases

Keywords Everywhere

Although this Chrome AI keyword tool is not new, it’s continuously updated (the last update was on May 8, 2023) and is always relevant, as it helps you SEO-optimize content. Although it’s a freemium add-on, free users can use many of the features, including SEO difficulty metrics, trend charts, backlinks for webpages and domains, ChatGPT templates, and estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages and websites on Google.

Main Benefits:

Simplifies keyword research
Shows monthly search volume, CPC, competition & 12-month trend data on 10+ websites
Includes multiple built-in tools to find keywords from your seed keyword


MacGPT allows Mac users to access ChatGPT from anywhere by activating the Global textfield that appears in the middle of the screen. Thanks to that, you can prompt this natural language processing (NLP) tool without entering the app, and then copy your whole conversation.

And if you’re too busy to type, you can use dictate instead. Plus, this extension is available as an iPhone app called GeePeeTee, where you can create multiple conversations with different prompts.

Main Benefits:

Allows you to use ChatGPT anytime, anywhere, and save your conversations
Enables you to access ChatGPT natively with the API
Allows back-and-forth voice typing


This Chrome extension helps you summarize meetings, articles, and documents. It enables recording and transcribing of video conferences and calls directly from your browser using AskFred – a ChatGPT-4-powered AI assistant.

Fireflies plugin has 30,000 users and four pricing tiers, including a free one that offers 800 minutes of storage and several additional features.

Main Benefits:

Enables recording and transcribing meetings and calls
Includes a ChatGPT-4-powered assistant that summarizes meetings and web sources
Includes sentiment analysis

Have you found any extensions you want to share?  If you want to comment on any of these, or suggest alternatives, just click the X or the checkmark below this article and let us know about your choice in the comment field.

We’ll update this article with the ideas and suggestions from our readers.

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